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Molderm® 360 App 

Let’s reach the next level together!

An all-in-one tool specially developed for practitioners in the aesthetic field.
Smarter, more efficient, and flexible. Available without additional cost for all Molderm® practitioners around the world.

The AppMolderm® 360 handles the entire cosmetic workflow to save significant time on a daily basis by simplifying key tasks such as patient consent and questionnaire (filled & signed by the patient directly on the device or remotely), booking, medical pictures, injection procedures, reporting, and export of files. Everything is bundled in the Molderm® 360 App and allows accurate aesthetic procedures management, reporting & follow-up within a few minutes. The camera tool is fine-tuned with face guides in order to always take the same pictures at every step of the process.

Made by professionals for professionals

Never before has it been so easy to digitize and streamline your clinic and treatments. As a practitioner using Molderm® products, you are automatically a partner with a distributor who prioritizes you and your patient.

This can be seen in Molderms global corporate structure, ethics, morals, and quality.
Molderm® 360 App is an important tool in the work of creating a better industry where high-quality treatments and controlled traceable processes are a must.

Best of all, it is completely free of charge for your clinic. This means that you as a therapist can directly reduce your expenses in the company as Molderm® 360 App covers just about everything. You can easily download your app from where you usually download your apps to your phone, computer or tablet.

Contact your Molderm® distributor to create your account.

Molderm® 360 App
– A complete solution to your clinic.

For us, it was important to create an App that replaces existing systems. Therefore, the app works for all brands of fillers, threads, botulinum toxin, lasers, etc. on the market.
The Molderm® 360 App plays an important part in our ambition to be the world’s best manufacturer and distributor of aesthetic products.



The App

Create a consent form for all your patients or use one of our templates. Filled out and signed by the patient directly on the device or remotely.


The App

Never before has it been this simple to collect important data and status from your patient. Safely saved in your cloud or ready to be exported as PDF.


The App

Can be sent to the patient and signed before treatment. Or why not answer the important questions together using your Ipad? Smart and simple.


The App

Now you or your patient can book a treatment online directly through or on your own website. No external booking system is needed.
Online consultation is available.


The App

Enjoy the security and freedom of a GDPR/HIPAA compliant Cloud-based backup and multi-device sync solution.


The App

The Molderm® 360 App Compare Tool allows you to show patients the change on their faces over time. Bringing out the impact of cosmetic interventions will build patients loyalty as they can easily see how they have improved from the first treatment.


The App

Manage your practice, patient’s database, and your records from a smartphone or a tablet (iOs or Android), but also from your desktop through the cloud platform. The data can be synchronized on all types of devices and on an unlimited number of devices.


The App

Regular picture taking through Molderm® 360 App will lead to the establishment of a “cosmetic timeline” of patients hence allowing the accurate analysis of the evolution of patients’ facial features as well as the impact of cosmetic interventions. This can be easily shown to the patient during a consultation.


The App


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The App