Knowledge is the way

Molderm Aesthetics verified and certified courses

Education for professionals by professionals

One of the most important parts of Molderm’s concept is the work of ensuring adequate professional training globally for our entire industry. 

Competence and experience are imperative for safe and successful treatments.
Through your Molderm® distributor, you as a customer will be offered a solid education in the injection technique of fillers. We have a strict policy that education must be objectively developed in order for you as a practitioner to have as broad competence as possible. Through us, you will learn to work with Hyaluronic acid and various safe injection techniques and products. Great emphasis is placed on anatomy and complication management. Unlike many of the market’s different educations, we do not use our courses to sell a specific product. Here we focus 100% on educating and raising your skills, NOT sales.

Education is the key to aesthetic performance.



What does this mean for you as a practitioner and the industry?

The choice of product is important to ensure the quality at your clinic. When you work with Molderm®, you know that you are working with a product of the highest quality on the market that only via exclusive distributors provides you with high-quality verified training.

No matter where you are in the world, all Molderm® distributors follow the same ethical and moral values.

All training material is reviewed by Molderm Aesthetics to ensure objectivity and quality.

All educators globally have many years of experience in aesthetic injections and are constantly updated with the latest technologies and continuously receive information and further education from the Molderm Aesthetics RnD department to always be updated and give you as a client the absolute best education on the market.

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Molderm® is distributed via and ONLY by an exclusive distribution network to ensure the same quality and identity, shared values, and concept, no matter where you are located. You only have the opportunity to order your Molderm® products from the distributor who is responsible for the territory you are located in. Click on “see distributor list” down below to find your distributor.

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