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Next generation, science of beauty

It is well known that aesthetic injections are a growing market around the world. It is also common knowledge that the industry needs to develop with safer, better products, stricter regulation, and greater responsibility among manufacturers and distributors. That’s why Molderm Aesthetics and its products were created. Together, we lift the industry into the 21th century and leave old technologies, mentalities, and products behind us.

By using Molderm® in your clinic, you get much more than just a fantastic product based on the latest Swiss technology (Fine-Tuning Technology™) and unmatched safety and efficiency profile. You modernize your entire clinic while working through Molderm Aesthetics with the market’s most well-developed concept for a better industry. Molderm Aesthetics is the company that takes greater responsibility, invests in the industry, and moves it forward with a value base that is constantly reflected in all decisions for your clinic and your patients.

Down below you as a professional can read more about Molderm Aesthetics’s concept and product. Feel free to contact us with any request for information.

Patented Fine-Tuning Technology™

Science, research, and development take us into a new era of dermal fillers.

Thanks to a complex and sophisticated production process, the Fine-Tuning Technology™ allows the selection of a range of molecular weights specifically chosen to optimize both the rheological properties of the gel in its different bio-mimetic volumizing functions and to meet the need for natural tissue interfaces able to exert an interpenetration in the extra-cellular matrix, functional and respectful of the complex dynamics of facial mimicry.

Education/ training

Education for professionals

One of the most important parts of Molderm’s  concept is the work of ensuring adequate professional training globally for our entire industry.
Choice of distributor and product is important to ensure quality at your clinic. When you work with Molderm, you know that you are working with a product of the highest quality on the market that only via exclusive distributors provides you with high-quality verified training. 

Analytical specification

All Molderm® products are based on years of scientifically proven data and research.

Molderm® is one of the most well-developed dermal fillers and bio-stimulating products on the market. Based on everything we learned from the history of aesthetic injections.

Molderm Classic, Exact, Strong and Lips, maintain the same concentration of HA in order for the products to be absolutely homogeneous with one another. This removes all risk of edema reactions that may occur when products at different concentrations are used during the same treatment.


Next generation, science of beauty

Proven quality and safety profile through studies and international PMS.

The patented Swiss technology generates products that are easy to inject and resulting in less pain. The Molderm® products have very high standards that are applied during production and exceed the existing high international requirements. 
Each Molderm® product has a unique formula that gives you excellent properties such as elasticity, viscosity, cohesiveness, stiffness, and stretchability.

Injection map

One brand, many indications.

Molderm® gives you a complete catalog of dermal fillers and bio-stimulating products for different areas / indications.

With the best raw materials from Shiseido Pharma in Japan combined with Swiss high-tech manufacturing and Swedish corporate mentality, quality, and safety.

The product catalog of Molderm® is the dermal filler and bio-stimulation products of the
future. A well-balanced series of products that keep their promises. Crafted with a perfect balance to create volume, definition, and hydration with long-lasting results.


International PMS

Our research and development department constantly provide us with transparent updated data. All distributors and KOL is obliged to take part of our International PMS to present to you as a practitioner latest updated results of Molderm©.

Before and after

Molderm® consists of a complete catalog of HA dermal fillers and bio-stimulating products for different indications.

Thanks to MOLDERM’s Fine-Tuning Technology™ and raw material, you can create naturally beautiful results. The perfect balance between cohesiveness, expansion, volume, durability, and safety makes MOLDERM® unique in the market.

Molderm is created to reduce the signs of aging. With Molderm, you create sophisticated natural results.

Safety information / IFU

Here you will find all the different languages of IFU (instruction for use) to download for each configuration. This is also included in each box of Molderm®. 

You also find general safety information in regards to the use of Molderm® product line. 


Molderm® is distributed via and ONLY by an exclusive distribution network to ensure the same quality and identity, shared values and concept, no matter where you are located. You only have the opportunity to order your Molderm® products from the distributor who is responsible for the territory you are located in. Click on “see distributor list” down below to find your distributor.

Interested in getting exclusive distribution rights of Molderm® in your country? Please click on “become a distributor” for application and initial contact.

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