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Molderm® 360

Finally, we can present the first dermal filler and bio-stimulation product with a full-service concept for those who work with aesthetic injections. Based on a holistic concept where the practitioner, patient, and our industry are put in focus to strengthen and raise the standards for the entire industry. 

The Molderm® 360 concept is based on six carefully studied areas of our industry where we as a global manufacturer and distributor set the new higher standard of our industry. Together we create a safer and better aesthetic industry. Down below you find the six areas Molderm® 360 is based on, click on the area you want to read more about. 



We leave the old era of outdated technologies and products behind us and welcome the updated, new modern Molderm® collection of dermal fillers. Based on our patented Fine-Tuning Technology™  we have created the perfect balance between the features we all want in a perfect filler. Crafted in Sweden, manufactured in Switzerland.



The choice of distributor and product is important to ensure the quality at your clinic. When you work with Molderm®, you know that you are working with a product of the highest quality on the market that via exclusive distributors only provides you with high-quality verified training.



Molderm® 360 handles the entire cosmetic workflow to save significant time on a daily basis by simplifying key tasks such as patient consent and questionnaire (filled & signed by the patient directly on the device or remotely), booking, medical pictures, injection procedures, reporting and export of files. Everything is bundled in the Molderm 360 App and allows accurate aesthetic procedures management, reporting & follow-up within a few minutes. The camera tool has been fine-tuned with face guides in order to always take the same pictures at every step of the process.



Molderm Aesthetics ensures quality. Therefore, all distributors sign an agreement that ensures everything from delivery terms, opening hours, flexibility, mentality, training, and values ​​that must be followed in order to become a distributor. This is important for us to be able to ensure on a global level everything from working environment, working conditions, customer service, and quality.

This way you get the same quality and support no matter where in the world you are located.



At Molderm Aesthetics, we have a dedicated team that only works with developing tomorrow’s industry around aesthetic injections.

Our team strives to develop innovative products and services that bring ourselves and the industry forward. For this to be possible, it is important to look at the industry from a broader perspective and not only on product development.



The Molderm® brand is based on high-quality products with unique properties together with a concept where peripheral services and specially developed technical solutions, as well as training systems, will raise the levels for the entire industry. Therefore, each individual supplier is carefully selected.

To ensure the same quality and service around the world, extensive distribution agreements are signed with each party where all aspects of the concept and product Molderm® are regulated.


Molderm® is distributed via and ONLY by an exclusive distribution network to ensure the same quality and identity, shared values and concept, no matter where you are located. You only have the opportunity to order your Molderm® products from the distributor who is responsible for the territory you are located in. Click on “see distributor list” down below to find your distributor.

Interested in getting exclusive distribution rights of Molderm® in your country? Please click on “become a distributor” for application and initial contact.

Molderm 360