Mastering molecules

Fine-Tuning Technology™

Science, research, and development take us into a new era of dermal fillers.

Thanks to a complex and sophisticated production process, the Fine-Tuning Technology™ allows the selection of molecular weights particularly suited to optimize both the rheological properties of the gel in its different bio-mimetic volumizing functions. It also meets the need for natural tissue interfaces able to exert an interpenetration in the extra-cellular matrix, functional and respectful of the complex dynamics of facial mimicry.

Range of molecules

The biotechnological process is modulated in terms of temperature, time and pressure, to obtain a spectrum of compounds with different molecular weights.
This opens up for the development of future customized products.

Through this process you get a range of molecular weights that work in synergy with the human body, allowing a more complex modulation of physiological processes than what could be carried out by HA molecules with a single molecular weight.

Never before has the market been able to present such a well-balanced and adapted filler for the body’s natural structures.
It is with pride that we put MOLDERM® on the world map!

Quality and purity of the raw material used

MOLDERM® is produced exclusively with high purity selected pharma-grade hyaluronic acid.

MOLDERM®, with its features of different configurations, gives you an improved cross-linking process with greater stability of the raw material.
This, among other things, leads to:

  • Longer shelf life
  • More controlled / smoother decomposition process
  • Better integration with tissue

Multi Fractional Crosslinking Technology

Evolutionary innovation

The use of the innovative Multi-fractional Cross-linking Technology has allowed the development of an extremely versatile and performing filler line able to meet the different clinical needs. 

  • High fluidity

    Makes the injection extremely comfortable for both therapist and client and enables precision and perfection in the desired areas.

  • High volumization capacity

    Ensures the right volumetric support to tissues and natural desired correction depending on the selected product.

  • Effectiveness, Naturalness, and Discretion

    The MOLDERM® Filler allows corrections and tissue volume increase particularly valuable for the tissue harmony that gives the treatments natural sophisticated results.

    Regardless of which of Molderm’s products you choose, you can always be sure that Molderm® preserves the body’s own fiber structures and balances and integrates with the body in a way that delivers both feeling and appearance 100% natural. A unique feature on the market!


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Patented Fine-Tuning technology™