Amazing glow, every day

MOLDERM® GLOW is part of Molderm Aesthetics’ pioneering anti-aging program which also includes MOLDERM® GLOW+.

MOLDERM® GLOW is a non-crosslinked gel designed to restore and repair the skin’s lost elasticity and firmness. MOLDERM® GLOW recreates the skin’s original glow and vitality.

Its moisturizing properties make it exemplary for treating dry skin and existing fine lines. It also reduces the appearance of new fine lines.

Obtained by bio-fermentation.

Thanks to our patented Fine-Tuning Technology™, we achieve almost the entire human molecular spectrum, which provides a hundred percent integration into the skin’s tissue with maximum effect, without immediate fluid accumulation and inflammatory processes in the skin.

The total active process in the skin for the restoration of good balance in the tissue has been clinically proven to be higher and also longer than competing products on the market.

The next generation bio-stabilizer

Unlike other products on the market where they tried to reach a wider molecular spectrum via so-called ”hybrid products” and used two different molecular chains (low molecular weight and high molecular weight), MOLDERM® GLOW stretches, thanks to Fine-Tuning Technology™, across an unbroken spectrum through low, high and ultra-high molecular weight. This means that the anti-aging process begins immediately in all layers of the skin and is not divided into
different stimulation phases with varying results.

MOLDERM® GLOW is intended for hydration of the skin on the face, neck, décolletage, lips, and hands.

MOLDERM® GLOW should be injected into the middle layer of the dermis.

MOLDERM® GLOW should be used in combination with MOLDERM® GLOW+ as
a course of treatment, for optimal results. About three treatments 1-2 weeks apart. After each treatment, a light massage is advantageously carried out to facilitate the spread of the product in the tissue.

One syringe of MOLDERM® GLOW contains 40 mg of hyaluronic acid.

See the treatment plan below for optimal results.

Treatment plan for GLOW & GLOW+

A complete treatment plan for stabilizing and stimulating the skin.

The treatment period begins according to the table below with MOLDERM® GLOW and is then completed with MOLDERM® GLOW+.

The treatments take place 1-2 weeks apart.

MOLDERM® GLOW+ should only be used on healthy and well-balanced skin. To achieve this, treatments with MOLDERM® GLOW are first carried out at 1-2 week intervals according to the table below. When healthy and well-balanced skin is achieved, treatment with MOLDERM® GLOW+ continues according to the table below. After each treatment, a light massage is advantageously carried out to facilitate the spread of the product in the tissue.

Treatment 1


Treatment 2


Treatment 3


To maintain a healthy balance in the skin and production of collagen and elastin, the above treatment plan is recommended twice a year. 
Note that the above should be seen as general recommendations.
Consideration must always be given to the individual’s skin status during consultation.

Injection techniques for GLOW & GLOW+

MOLDERM® GLOW & GLOW+ must always be injected into the middle layer of the dermis.

After the treatment, a light massage should be carried out on the treated areas to help the product spread in the tissue.

Molderm® Picotage technique
The Picotage technique should be performed with small dabs of 0.05 – 0.1ml of product as a grid pattern by spacing the dots, between them,
approximately 1.5 – 2 cm apart. You can use the supplied 30G, 13mm needles or any 30G, 4mm mesotherapy needles.

Molderm® linear ⁣technique
With the help of the included needles, it is possible to use the Molderm® retrograde linear technique.

Fanning technique
When treating larger areas, it is recommended to use the retrograde fanning technique.

Molderm® 3-point cannula technique
With MOLDERM® GLOW & GLOW+ it is possible to use 27Gx40mm or 30Gx25mm blunt cannula and distribute the product with retrograde fanning technique or retrograde linear technique.

Injection of MOLDERM GLOW into Dermis


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