Exclusive distribution network 


Molderm® is ONLY distributed via exclusively hand-picked distributors who share our vision of a better industry.


Molderm® is the first filler product in the world with a distribution network that sees Europe as ONE market. This means that no matter where you are in Europe, you will have the same purchase price for your Molderm® filler with the exception of local taxes. All sales will take place via Molderm’s exclusive distribution network with the same price, the same support, the same delivery terms, and the same conditions. Wherever you are located, you will have your Molderm® products no later than 2 workdays after you place your order.

Are you interested in becoming a Molderm® distributor?
Please click on the following link to submit your application, we will then contact you for further conversation. “Click here to apply”

Are you running a clinic and looking for a responsible distributor of Molderm®?
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The collection of Molderm® products was launched at the beginning of 2022. The initial phase is exclusive through Mareli Medical AB.
To purchase your Molderm® products please contact Mareli Medical directly.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland: www.MareliMedical.se
UK: www.MareliMedical.co.uk
Rest of Europe: www.MareliMedical.eu


Molderm® is distributed via and ONLY by an exclusive distribution network to ensure the same quality and identity, shared values, and concept, no matter where you are located. You only have the opportunity to order your Molderm® products from the distributor who is responsible for the territory you are located in. Click on “see distributor list” down below to find your distributor.

Interested in getting exclusive distribution rights of Molderm® in your country? Please click on “become a distributor” for application and initial contact.