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MOLDERM® STRONG is a biodegradable gel obtained by bio-fermentation of hyaluronic acid.

MOLDERM® STRONG is based on our patented technology where the right choice of molecular sizes for the purpose provides excellent properties for flexibility and volume.

With these properties, MOLDERM® STRONG is suitable for all mimic areas as well as where volume is desired.

Multi Fractional Crosslinking Technology
The use of the innovative Multi-fractional Cross-linking Technology has allowed the development of an extremely versatile and performing product, able to meet the different clinical needs.

  • High fluidity
  • High intra-tissue volumization capacity
  • Effectiveness, Naturalness, and Discretion

MOLDERM® STRONG flows easily through the needle and is evenly distributed in the tissue, despite its powerful properties.

With MOLDERM® STRONG you can achieve fantastic results by lifting deep wrinkles and folds, molding, and increasing volume with long-lasting results.

MOLDERM® STRONG should be injected deep into the dermis. Thanks to the incredible elasticity of the product, wrinkles are pushed out of the deeper layers of the skin and small wrinkles can later be smoothed out with MOLDERM® CLASSIC.

10 – 12 months

The molecular span of MOLDERM®


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