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The Molderm® brand is based on high-quality products with unique properties together with a concept where peripheral services and specially developed technical solutions, as well as training systems, will raise the levels for the entire industry. Therefore, each individual supplier is carefully selected.

To ensure the same quality and service around the world, extensive distribution agreements are signed with each party where all aspects of the concept and product Molderm® are regulated.

Interested in getting exclusive distribution rights of Molderm® in your country? Please click on “become a distributor”  below for application and initial contact.

Distributor for all countries that do not have an exclusive distributor.

Mareli Medical AB
Västra Varvsgatan 16F
21115 Malmö, Sweden

Phone: +46(0)21-244 00
Email: info@marelimedical.com

Should you want to discuss how to become an exclusive distributor for a region, please use this form:  become-a-distributor