The story so far


We learn from history how to create a better future!

Based on the revolutionary, cutting-edge technology – Fine-Tuning Technology™ – by Molderm Aesthetics we have created products with the perfect balance between viscosity, volume, expansion, correction, and safety. All packaged in a concept that sets an entirely new and higher standard for our entire industry.

Injections for cosmetic use debuted in 1981 with the launch in the market of the Zyderm and Zyplast products, both based on bovine collagen. These products had very positive features in terms of handling and treatment results. The limitations of these products lay in the inadequate duration of the correction (3 to 4 months maximum) and in the need to carry out an allergenicity test that prevented treatment for new patients. The waiting time to perform this allergy test was about 40 days and, in many cases, showed that treatment with Zyderm and Zyplast was not an option for the patient.


 A better product was needed!

In 1996-97 the first two dermal fillers based on HA were launched on the market; Restylane from Q-med (today Galderma), made in Sweden, and Hylaform by Biomatrix, made in the USA. 

2001 represents another milestone in the history of aesthetic medicine as the first product of Bio-revitalization based on a non-cross-linked HA was launched on the market that year. A product called IAL System, developed by a team of Italian doctors, was produced by Fidia Pharma in Italy. With this product, a new therapeutic concept is introduced… Bio-revitalization.

In 2003, Juvéderm by Corneal France (later bought by Allergan) was released on the market followed by many other brands.

Since the beginning of the dermal fillers development and for the first decade the industry had focused only on increasing the duration of the treatment effects. In a second phase, starting from 2004/2005, the trend, based on the different tastes of the public opinion/patience, was focused on a more natural effect of corrections with dermal fillers. As time passed, it was necessary to create a product with the following features: duration and the naturalness of the correction.


This would prove to be a big challenge! Because….

If the gel/filler was too thin, it dissolved too fast, the risk of migration was higher and only a negligible cohesivity and volumetric effect could be achieved.

If the gel/filler was too thick you could see and feel the injected gel under the skin and the injection was more painful. A deeper injection was necessary to make it last and “hide” the injected gel under the skin. A natural, beautiful result was harder to achieve.



A gel/filler has now, finally for the first time been created with such characteristics that allow an evenness and a penetration effect after the injection to show a visible correction but with a natural effect/result and with appropriate durability. Obtaining such a gel in a production lab is extremely complicated as the gel must achieve the right balance between elasticity and cohesivity.

Molderm® has taken up this challenge and since 2015, through studies and research dating back to the 1980s, has managed to develop sophisticated and exclusive technologies that has not previously been possible in the field of dermal fillers. Fine-Tuning Technology™ has led to the desired result:

Meanwhile behind the scenes…

In 2015 in Sweden, Markus Nilsson and Elias Assarsen, the founders of Molderm Aesthetics found Mareli Medical.

Mareli Medical soon became one of the largest distributors in Europe of various dermal fillers and has changed the culture and rewritten the rules of the industry. Unbiased and transparent they became the distributor thousands of clinics all around the world had been waiting for.

Mareli Medical provided margins that increased the profit for clinics so that they were able to reinvest in their own businesses. Furthermore, Mareli Medical provided unbiased training for safer injections.

For the first time clinics were given answers to their questions based on statistics and facts rather than getting a sales pitch for a certain brand. Mareli Medical put the client’s brand first and not the product they were distributing. This level of professionalism, service, support, and training is seen in many other industries and is now, thanks to Mareli Medical, the new higher standard of the beauty industry.

As a distributor to thousands of clinics around the world, they knew exactly what trends, features of a product, and services were requested by the market, but also which products measured up to these needs.

What no one knew was that behind the scenes in Switzerland, they were developing the hyaluronic acid-based products of the future.



Now, in 2022, Molderm Aesthetics is launching the first dermal filler in the world with the perfect balance between cohesivity, volume, expansion, correction, and safety.

The Molderm® collection is the ground-breaking result from the previously mentioned R&D department that has been accumulated years of experience, practice, and studies since the 1980s.

In conclusion, we can say that there are no competing products that have such a massive background of research and development as Molderm® by Molderm Aesthetics.

This collection of groundbreaking products, with the best raw material on the market, is manufactured in Switzerland but crafted in Sweden where the Industry of HA injectables once started. It gives you a gel that spreads within and between the tissues to create soft and beautiful results that last longer without losing its volumetric features.


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