A complete range

The Molderm® collection  

Crafted in Sweden, made in Switzerland.

A revolutionary collection of dermal fillers and biostimulating products based on our patented Fine-Tuning Technology™.

Since the 1980s, work has been done to produce a perfect dermal filler for aesthetic purposes. Knowledge and research have led us forward. With Molderm® we take the entire industry to the next level. 

Dermal fillers



Based on our patented Fine-Tuning Technology™ for optimal lift and reduction of
unwanted shapes and lines.

MOLDERM® CLASSIC is a biodegradable filler intended for the correction of all types of lines and wrinkles in different parts of the face. From the smallest, superficial line to the deepest fold.

MOLDERM® CLASSIC restores lost volume, flexibility, and elasticity in tissue and skin.
As with all MOLDERM® products, the risk of swelling (caused by the gel) is eliminated as is the risk of migration.



A patented gel designed for specific injections in more complicated areas.

MOLDERM® EXACT is intended for areas of the face that require special attention and precision such as the nose, mouth, and cheeks, but also the temple area and hands.

With MOLDERM® EXACT, thanks to its very high quality of the raw material and our innovative and patented Fine-Tuning Technology ™, there is no risk of migration of the gel. The product stays exactly where you want it.



With MOLDERM® STRONG you can achieve fantastic results by lifting deep wrinkles and folds, molding, and increasing volume with long-lasting results.

MOLDERM® STRONG should be injected deep into the dermis.

Thanks to the extraordinary elasticity of the product, wrinkles are lifted out of the deeper layers of the skin and small wrinkles can later, if needed, be smoothed out with MOLDERM® CLASSIC.



A unique product specially developed for building lips.

MOLDERM® LIPS is produced using our patented Fine-Tuning Technology ™, to provide the perfect balance of volume, definition, and hydration. The results are long-lasting and completely without migration.

The unique features of MOLDERM® LIPS ensure that the product stays longer in the lips than many competing products on the market.




The next generation biostabilizer!

MOLDERM® GLOW is part of Molderm Aesthetics’ pioneering anti-ageing program which also includes MOLDERM® GLOW+.

MOLDERM® GLOW is a non-crosslinked gel designed to restore and repair the skin’s lost elasticity and firmness. MOLDERM® GLOW recreates the skin’s original glow and vitality.

Its moisturizing properties makes it exemplary for treating dry skin and prevents and reduces the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

MOLDERM® GLOW should be injected into the middle layer of the dermis.



The next generation biostimulator!

MOLDERM® GLOW+ is part of Molderm Aesthetics’ pioneering anti-ageing program that also includes MOLDERM® GLOW.

MOLDERM® GLOW+ is designed to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen and elastin through direct interaction with fibroblasts in the skin.

MOLDERM® GLOW+ should be injected into the middle layer of the dermis.