Science of beauty

Based on the patented Fine-Tuning Technology™ for optimal lift and reduction of
unwanted wrinkles and lines.

MOLDERM® CLASSIC is a biodegradable filler intended for the correction of all types of lines and wrinkles in different areas of the face. From the smallest, superficial line to the deepest fold.

MOLDERM® CLASSIC is excellent for the treatment of the entire perioral- and periorbital area.

MOLDERM® CLASSIC restores lost volume, flexibility, and elasticity in tissue and skin.

As with all Molderm® products, the risk of swelling (caused by the gel) is eliminated as is the risk of migration.

Made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, obtained by bio-fermentation.

The complex and sophisticated production process of Molderm® – Fine-Tuning Technology™ – allows the selection of a range of molecular weights specifically chosen to optimize the gel’s viscosity, elasticity, and lifting capacity. Through the selection of molecular sizes, we also meet the body’s need for natural tissue interfaces. The result is a natural look with the compliance that our facial expressions need to maintain our unique features.

6 – 10 months

The molecular span of MOLDERM®


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